Pigment Definition
Pigments are inorganic or organic, colored, white or black materials which are practically insoluble in the medium in which they are incorporated. Important application properties of pigment such as tinctorial strength, migration, recrystallization, heat stability, lightfastness and weatherability, are often determined by the portion of pigment that dissolved to a minor degree in the vehicle in which it is applied.
Pigment Application
Creating Color from the Delicate Chemical Reactions - Synthetic Organic Pigments
Chemical coloring products are manufactured through the combination of delicate chemical reactions. Superior technics, fine equipment and strict production controls are vital to continuously produce high standard quality products.
Organic Pigment Production Process
Conventional organic pigment includes diarylide (Y-12, 14, 81, 83, O-16, 34), 
monoazo (R-53:1, 48:1, 48:2, 48:3, 48:4), and naphtol AS pigment, etc. The production process includes coupling, filtering, drying, blending and packaging.